Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I have decided to start another blog! I will still keep this one, still keep updating my usual things, and still post things that i usual post.

The second blog will be just about ORGANIZING!! How exciting!! :) I just didnt want to have organizing things and cleaning things on this same blog, along with having the encouraging blogs and all. It will just become a huge mess and confusion.....i think. Anyways, there is the name to the blog!


Please do keep visitng this blog! I love all the comments and feedbacks from everyone of you!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

In the Process...

I just wanted to say this to everyone out there who are waiting on some of the pictures that they requested to see. I have all that written down in my notebook, as well as my home projects that i have to accomplish.  I am trying to get that all posted! If you have any specific thing that you want to see what i do and how i do it, (EX: Organizing, Cleaning (i have my own way) And just anything that you want to know, please write your questions or comments below! God Bless Everyone!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ice Skating!!

This Saturday we had a youth birthday party, and after that our youth went ice skating! There was about 30 people there-just from our russian group. It was the guy in the green shirt who had his birthday party on Satuday. The picture came out alittle blurry-sorry! I wasn't the one who was taking the photo.

We had a blast! I learned how to skate backwards! Finally! The very first time i went on the ice 3 years ago, i started to do twists and and all the cool stuff. On my FIRST try! Ice skating is my favoritve sport. I think it's a sport, because people compete.Maybe i'm wrong....My legs are still sore from 4 hours of skating on ice. I only fell 2 times, because someone pushed/crashed into me, and the second time was because i was trying to turn a weird way. My brother fell like 4 times! It was hillarious! He was trying to get up, and kept on falling down! I couldn't help him, cuz i was laughing to hard! I came home about 1:30 in the morning! I was knocked out from the whole day!

I will post more pictures about this event! I have ALOT of pictures, but won't post all of them, cuz some of them are not all that good:)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Little Change...

I have decided to put a new page to my blog! It will be up there on the strip (somwhere), sometime today.

 It will be about tips and tricks around the house, and organization!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Just one of those days....

Have you ever had one of those days where you know that you have to study for college, and procrastinate till the last day? Or know that you have to clean the house and make food, but your sick, and on Pinterest, looking at household cleaning categories on how to clean your house? Just letting you know, your not the only one! Everytime i pick up our family camera case, and plan to post pictures that i was supposed to do last week, i open it and it's missing! I don't even know where to start looking, becasue we have 4 younger kids, and each wants to look at the pictures, and never put it back in the case!

This Saturday our youth will be having a birthday party for one of our youth members, and afterwards, we will be going ice skating! I have ice skated 4 times in my life. The first time i got on the ice, i was about 16, and i taught myself how to do twirls, and other things on the skates! After that, my legs were sore! I was limping half the week!

Anyways, i just registered for my Spring classes in college. I decided to take 6 medical classes for my Spring semester! I know-it's crazy. But my teacher was saying how Medical Office Assistant is not the same as Medical Office Clerk. I never knew that, because no one ever told me that! So it turns out that i am taking the wrong classes for my career! So i have to take the classes for Medical Office Clerk so i can get my certificate in that area. I decided that since i took the Medical Office Assistant classes, i will be graduating with an Associates Degree in that area, AND a Medical Office Cerk Certificate at the same time! Good thing is, that i can move my position higher and higher.

So  i will be graduating next fall. (I think) (I Hope) It all depends on how i take my classes, and if i pass them with a C or better. Which i am at the moment. Thank God!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Month of November

This has been a very hectic week for me! But taking one day at a time is alot easier than trying to think what has to be done 2 days from today. (Which i usually do) I finished my diper cake today that is for the baby shower this Sunday, and i'm currently working on my actual eating cake. (I'll post pictures of that this upcoming Sunday. I made other cakes before, because i took a 3 course class on how to make and decorate cakes. But then i started college, and i didnt have time to even make the cake. So it just turned out that i had time to put the diper cake together and make the actual eating cake all for this upcoming Sunday.

Right now i am doing a REALLY LATE LATE Spring cleaning in my room. Some people are supposed to come over, so i decided since the whole house will be spotless, why not make my room spotless? I'm rearanging my closet and my room. I have papers since i was in 3rd grade! Those i just cannot throw out. I collect papers, and things that look nice and valuable, and then the years pass by, and you realize you didnt even look at them. So i have 4 LONG shelfs on one side of my closet, and like 5 other shelfs on the other side. Those 4 long shelfs are FULL with school papers, and notebooks, and books, and everything you can possibly imagine. I'm gonna try my hardest to limit everything, so it would just take up 2 shelfs. (Now that's a mission!) So that's what i have been doing mostly all week long, and trying to get rid of clothes that i dont need and dont want. And along with that, i've been going to church, teaching sunday school, going to college, helping my mom, and getting ready for the baby shower.

I love it when my life is busy (sometimes hectic) and interesting. I always find something to do, and i love it when i just dont sit at home doing nothing. Who does?!

Another thing that i have to get ready is for Mexico. This time i wont be going to Mexico, and it will be my brother's first time not going to Mexico in like 7 years. He NEVER missed a trip. He's pretty sad about it, becuase our Citezenship papers wont come in on time:( But since i am in charge of the Children's Program, i have to still get everything ready, and hand all of that stuff to whoever is going there in about 3 weeks.

Anyways, that's pretty much everything that is going on around here! There is only one word for me that will apply to this whole month-HECTIC!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Busy Life

I apolpgize for not having an update this past week. I didnt forget to update my blog, it's just that i've been so busy with college, and church, and sister is throwing a suprise baby shower this sunday for Emily, so i'm been getting ready for that as well. I'm making a diper cake, and also a two tierd cake for the eating part. I'll post the pictures of them when i get finished this all of that, which will be this Saturday. I'm excited!!! It will be two baby showers put together, so we will have about 20-30 people over my house.

I also have to clean the whole house, and make food for the party. My mom helps, but she gets headaches really fast because of the weather. (Shes VERY sensitive to weather) So she does what she can do, i try to hurry because i dont want her to work around the house while having huge headaches.

I will try to update the Encouraging message of the Week tomorrow, and the Encouraging Message of the Day as well.

I was also shopping with my mom for fall and winter clothes today as well. So i'm good for this season, except i still have to buy ankle boots. They never have my size! So i have to keep on looking.

I also have to get ready for my Sunday School lesson. It's a good thing that we dont have any holidays coming up this next month for our church. If we did, i dont know what will become of everything! Usually i get ready for my lessons on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then finish up on thursday and friday. So i'm behind on that as well.

I also have a medical terminology quiz that is due this friday, (which i NEVER study) and medical papers that i need to type and turn in on friday as well. So it's pretty hectic right now. I usually procrastinate on my college work, and get all the fun things done first. But i always pass my quizes and make really good grades on my homework. So that's a good thing.

So i apologize if i didnt update anything on my blog. I will get to that and squeeze it in my time:)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

As many of us know, there's a hurricane that is taking place these next few days. I know that there will be more lives taken. There waa already lives taken in the Carribeans, and other parts of where the hurricane hit. I just want everyone to pray that if it is God's will to take some of the lives, that those souls will be ready for the meet with God. Luckily here, wejust have the cold, and high winds, but no rain so far. It's actually pretty sunny! But looking at the loss that the countries had that the hurricane did, is just really sad. Thier homes are destroyed, and they are just picking up the scraps. Please keep everyone in your prayers!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Busy busy busy!

Here was what i did on Saturday and Sunday:

Saturday: Wake up at 9:00

                 Got ready for church to be at choir practice at 10:30

                 Church started at 11:00

                 Lasted till 3 something (My back was hurting SO bad! And i couldnt slouch alittle, because i was in choir in the front row, and nothing was covering us)

                 Had fellowship at our new church that we bought. It lasted till close to 7:00 (right now we are renting a church)

                 After the fellowship, our youth went to play volleyball at a University. We invaded thier volleyball courts and tennis courts. It was full with our people!

               After the volleyball game, our youth made a bonfire in the back of our new church building that we bought. We were burning the wood that the guys cut down.

              *Meanwhile, while the guys were making a fire, me and my two friends from here and we also had 5 sisters come from Spartanburg for our Thanksgiving, we all went to Walmart to buy food for smores and hot dogs. (It was the craziest shopping i have ever done in my life!)

              Our youth had a prayer near the bonfire for over 1 hour. And since there were houses in the back of the church, some neighbors called out police on us, because they thought that there were Indians near the fire! It was pretty loud.

             Everyone went home at around 1 a.m.

Sunday: Wake up at 11:00

             Got ready for church

             Came to church at 12:30, because all Sunday school teachers and students had to come 1 hour earlier before church started to get into position.

            Church started at 1:30 and lasted till 4:00

           After church everyone went to our new church to have fellowship again. That lasted until 6:30

           After that, we had our youth service there (as usual) at 7:00.

          After the youth service, if people wanted coffee or tea, they just helped themselves.

So that was my last two days, so i apologize for not updating the encouraging message of the day or encouraging message of the week. I was so tierd afterwards, and just didnt have the time to get on my computer- sorry! God bless everyone!!!


Friday, October 19, 2012


Our church is celebrating Thanksgiving this Saturday and Sunday! It's so exciting, because we get to spend most of the day with our church having services, and then fellowship afterward. But i think that we should not only celebrate a couple days out of the whole year, but everyday! When we give thanks for our hard times and good times, it makes us walk further in life more easier, no matter what is up ahead. Trust me, i've done that before. It really helps! Thanksgiving is also very special, because it reminds us what Jesus Christ did for us on the cross, and what we have in the future. It's a time to lift up our hands and give special thanks to our Lord. The One and only who deserves all the praise and worship!